TESTIMONIALS - Yoga and Fitness

I never "got" yoga till I came to Kate's class. I thought it was for super fit bendy people, not for the likes of me! I am so glad I found these classes and Kate proved me wrong.

Kate was kind enough to call me to discuss my needs before the first class and reassured me I could take it at my own pace. I have never felt pressured to do something I am not ready to do or push myself beyond my abilities. Instead Kate is nurturing and supportive of everyone's needs while encouraging us to explore what our bodies can do.

I feel energised and empowered after her classes and can see and feel the difference in my body.  

Beth (Liss ReCharge Yoga flow)

​I really enjoy this class!

I’ve been absolutely loving Kate’s classes, she’s such a fantastic teacher. I started with her outdoor yoga class in the summer after a long lockdown of doing no exercise at all, and it was a perfect way to get back into moving more, and such a breath of fresh air. 

I’ve just started with her outdoor fitness and fat loss class which is the perfect way to start a weekend. Her online classes are growing too and Kate has so much to offer. It’s so nice to do an online class with someone you actually know! 

Kate always caters to all levels, giving options and for all abilities to join in. She’s attentive, knowledgeable, and brilliant fun. I can’t recommend her classes more and I look forward to getting active with Kate over winter! Thank you Kate, you’re a star! ⭐️

Hannah L (Liss outdoor Yoga and Fitness)

Strong, fast and thoroughly enjoyable! Really helps my posture and subsequently has improved my bad back. Suitable for any level, we learn new postures all the time and move quickly through postures we’ve been practising...so you really feel like you are getting some where. Love it!


Harad S. (Freestyle Yoga)

​I really enjoy this class!
I was a real beginner with yoga but Kate is very accommodating and patient. She will always help when you are unsure of a pose. Friendly group of like minded ladies together for an hour on a Friday morning...what's not to love!!!!!


Jo Meckiffe 

I love fitness, running, weight training HIIT, boxer size, in fact anything that gets my pulse racing and a good sweat on.  I have tried yoga in the past but either it was the wrong time or just not the right class for me. After years of training I knew that i needed to improve my flexibility, my hips were really tight and I was getting a lot of muscle fatigue.
I saw an advert for FF yoga with Kate on a local notice board and something made me decide to get in touch and I am so glad that I did. My first class with Kate was interesting, my flexibility was dreadful, I literally had to drag my legs into some of the positions, I was wobbly and there was nothing free flowing in any of my moves but there was something about Kate and the way she interacted and encouraged me that made me continue.
Six months later I continue to enjoy Kate’s practice. My flexibility, strength and confidence in my ability to practice yoga has increased ten fold, I even practice at home as I now appreciate the benefits of regular yoga. I highly recommend Kate and am so grateful that she had helped me fall in love with yoga. 
And it also gets my pulse racing and a sweat on !


Julie R.