Yoga Class

Yoga Class Timetable

Monday Re-Charge Yoga Flow  (Launching September 2021)


@ Liss Pavillion, Nr.Petersfield


The perfect spicy flow to re-charge after a weekend and set you up for the week ahead! 

A mix of standing and seated postures to ignite that inner furnace using the Deep Core Line of fascia. Energising, detoxifying, 

feel stronger, feel lighter, release tension and work with your natural breath to give you more freedom.

*Go at the level that works with     your unique body.

*End with a blissful relaxation     and light meditation.

*An empowering class for women of all ages. (men welcome too).


*Please bring your own mat.


NB: Booking with Kate essential. 

Thursday lunchtime Stretch and Activation Flow

@ Petersfield Rugby Club


Take a break from the daily grind!

A Yoga flow to slot into your day!  This class emphasises on really opening up tight bodies using techniques that stretch AND activate muscles for a healthy balance. Great for the desk bound and anyone who is very active that could benefit from relieving the body of aches and pains.  Address underused/weak areas. Soften down to gain more strength and flexibility!  Prevent overuse and injury and learn to use your mind and body effectively. 

*Go at the level that works for your body.

*End with a blissful relaxation and light meditation.


All ages, women and men.  

*Please bring your own mat.

NB: This class is a separate booking as it is part of Steve's Gladiator Camp. Please do get in touch.


I'm here to help you choose the right class for you....

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