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Yoga Class

Yoga Class Timetable

Sundown Yoga Flow & Restore (*6 week booking)

@ Liss Pavillion, Nr.Petersfield

7pm -8.15pm


9th May - 13th June 2022

A calming evening flow created to tap into our nervous system to release tension, stagnant energy, free up space in mind and body.


Using various movement patterns to arrive into the poses with an emphasis on slow mindful transitions. 

  • Gentle flow

  • Helps to relieve anxiety/stress

  •  Improves our proprioception (our senseof spacial awareness)

  • Improved joint mobility 

  • Balance and core stability

  • Nourishes and lubricates soft tissue

  • Improved breath awareness

  •  Strong connection to self  


We use a little Myofascial Muscle Meridian release techniques (think of it like a wonderful gentle self massage) to help tease the body and prepare it for movement and /or stillness.  
Sometimes just having that space to listen to our breath and allowing our body and mind to move as one, soften AND to ‘just be’ is all we need!


A PERFECT class for anyone who


  • Enjoys movement

  • Flow yoga at a slower pace 

  • Who is NEW to Yoga

  • Feels tensed and stressed

  • Needing nurturing time for themselves

  • Craves sleep quality

  • Desires more quality of energy AND relaxation.

*This booking is 5 weeks of flow with the 6th week being a Restorative Yoga class.

*Please contact me for more information and dates.


Suitable for all levels.  

NB: Booking with Kate essential. 

 On demand Yoga content and in person classes will be added to this site in due course. 


Please check back at a later date, or contact me for more information. 


I'm here to help you choose the right class for you....

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