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What do I need before coming to class?

  • Sticky Yoga mat (please don't bring a non-sticky yoga mat as you will slip)

  • Small hand towel you can fold or a cushion (optional depending on class)

  • Water bottle (Please stay hydrated: before, little sips during and especially after class)

  •  A blanket for relaxation for Yoga Calm (optional)

  • It is also helpful to have two yoga bricks (blocks)

  • Yoga strap (optional)


    What to wear:

  • Appropriate sports/yoga gear.

  • Bare feet or yoga socks that grip the mat   

  • Supportive trainers for fitness activities.

    Arriving to class in a hall or outdoor setting: 

  • Please arrive early, so that you can settle on your mat, feel relaxed and focused to begin Yoga.

  • If you are late – Please enter the room quietly to minimise disturbances.

  • Please don’t exercise/do Yoga on a full stomach – this can really disrupt your practice.  A light snack will suffice, e.g a banana 30 mins before the class.

COVID SYMPTOMS:  Please DON'T come to class if you display any Covid-19 symptoms or if you have had a positive test result.  If you have contracted Covid since your last visit to class, please notify me as soon as you are able to. 


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