About My Yoga

My Yoga classes combine a selection of traditional and modern poses adapted for our western society. 


I teach Core Strength Vinyasa® inspired classes that literally bring yoga postures alive!   The philosophy, transitions and journey to arrive within each pose/shape, weave themselves into everything I teach, whether slow mindful yoga or more challenging fitness based styles.  Students are encouraged, empowered to move their body mindfully through transitions that deliver core integration, better breathing, stronger bones and muscle BUT without causing pain, strain or injury to the body.


Depending on each class, postures are choreographed into sequences that present themselves into a creative ,playful and self-expressive flow.  And using this method re-connects, releases, gains more strength, mobility and fluidity, that you may not find in some traditional yoga classes.   

We use the deep core line (DCL) of fascia and physics as a guide to help transition into postures from the ground up.  This makes each journey into the pose really exploratory, exciting and super powerful and strong. 

My yoga is not being able to sit in lotus or being able to achieve any complex shape.  For many Westerners this can be VERY challenging  and this is mostly due to the way we lead our lives, habitual postural habits that presents itself in the body as tightness and gripping. Not just physically but mental restrictions.  However, we may sometimes explore more challenging poses, BUT always with an open and enquiring mind, encouraging students to 'back off' to gain more.  Learning to listen to the body requires breaking old habits and stories and even ego!  It should NEVER be competition or a performance!  Your body - Your Yoga!


Outcomes from Core Strength Vinyasa perspective can literally transform students from feeling 'stuck' to feeling more fluidity and freedom within their body.   Making shapes in yoga and exploring your own body and what it can achieve should be fun and not too serious!   These outcomes make a class more 'doable' and so much more playful and more forgiving for most individuals.


Our body is not linear, OR are we made up of nuts and bolts, moving separately or moving in straight lines. 

Everything is connected as nature intended, for us to move and feel in all directions!


We are 3 dimensional, flowing, primal human beings.  By drawing on all the essential foundations and ground work that make up this type of Yoga practice is incredibly effective!  We use physics, move completely from the core using the natural ebb and flow of energy that arises via Myofascial tissues.  We use the breath in the most natural and optimal way that is super empowering, connects to the deep core muscle meridians (Deep Core Line), working together as one and as mother nature intended us to move!


I will deliver to you a more intelligent and fun way for you to move your body on your yoga mat. This will make you feel more routed, connected to your own body and mind, allowing freedom and space as we open up the body to move more effectively.


The Yoga I teach can be adapted to fit around you...all shapes and sizes and ages!


The idea of the ‘perfect pose’, is non existent.  


I am passionate that yoga asana shapes should 'fit around YOUR body' NOT the other way around. 


'Sthira and Sukha'  Sanskrit for 'Steadiness and Ease'. ALWAYS!

My classes use very minimal Sanskrit - however there are many great teachers and resources out there who are fluent in Sanskrit if you wanted to learn more!   


My classes often finish with relaxation and a little guided meditation /intentions to soak up all that good stuff we have covered in class.  This is so important and sometimes missed in some classes.  It delivers greater awareness and clarity and you can implement some philosophy and true transformation off the mat too into your own everyday life!


Each class aims to bring self-confidence, body awareness, space, freedom, integrity and, (depending on the class) fitness levels. 

This is a powerful practice that encourages self-expression, empowerment and a positive mindset to align us for true transformation!


Whether you attend a group class face to face or virtual - the energy within the class will leave you feeling more connected to your body, self-confident, exhilarated but calm and clearer in thought, space, freedom, and integrity.


Open your mind to endless opportunities and explore your own inner Yogi.....X




 YOGA - CALM (coming soon)


Vinyasa Yoga Flow


Yoga Calm is more of a slow flow class with an emphasis on restoring health and vitality and really tapping into the Parasympathetic Nervous System (rest and digest) via techniques that bring calm to an 'over stressed' body.


These sessions are perfect for beginners, and those who need more attention to certain parts of their body, and who would benefit yoga at a slower pace.



  • Improved mobility and balance

  • Improves digestion

  • A calmer nervous system

  • Holistic focus

  • Improved mental health

  • Reduces stress

  • Tones muscles

  • Improves inner core strength

  • Improve lung function via breathing practices

  • Equilibrium to the whole body

  • Increased energy and vitality for longevity

  • Helps promote a good nights rest

These sessions are gentle to moderate in nature and slow paced.  You are encouraged to work to your own individual ability and pace.


These classes are ideal to compliment any style of Yoga or Exercise in the week. 

These classes are more active and build heat from the inside out.  We create energy around the body and transition into poses using spirals and wave like movements to activate the Deep Core Line of fascia.  Each pose moves from the ground up into a rhythmical and playful flow.  I use music to enhance the atmosphere.  


  • Greater body awareness

  • Improved co-ordination and balance

  • Stronger and healthier posture, muscle, joints

  • Deeper connection to your deepest core layers

  • Improvement in lung function via breath awareness/practice

  • Improved mental health

  • Burns calories to help with weight management

  • Enhances focus and mindfulness (being present)

  • Releases stuck negative energy 

  • Improvement in body tone and shape

  • Compliments other Yoga styles and sporting activities

  • Greater proprioception (the body's ability to sense self-movement through body position)

  • Empowering and uplifting

  • Safer transitions that won't cause strain or pain!

These session are suitable for most healthy adults. Yoga and fitness experience is desirable, but not essential as postures can be adapted to cater for different body types and beginners. This type of class is perfect for those who like to express themselves a little and who enjoy an empowering flow.

Be prepared to sweat a little!