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About My Yoga

Bringing together my many years of experience of teaching different exercise, movement, yoga classes, I love to move intuitively and with no boundaries. My wish is for you to experience a way of moving your own body without the restrictions of life weighing you down.  Ignite your mind, body and soul and come practice with me!


Core Strength Vinyasa® Yoga is a non-linear, transitional style with a modern edgy twist (pun intended). Influenced by many styles of Yoga such as Ashtanga Vinyasa, Kundalini, Iyengar (to name a few), covering Eastern and Western philosophy methods,  Chinese Meridian  lines, the science of Fascia and Physics.


Sadie Nardini, the creator of Core Strength Vinyasa® Yoga, felt frustrated by other styles of yoga that lacked the support her body needed. After injuring her own body from an accident in her youth, Sadie wanted to help heal her body from the inside out and so, came up with her own system to manage pain.  Through years of extensive research, studying with top level yoga anatomy and fascia experts (Leslie Kaminoff and Tom Myers) , combining Eastern and Western philosophies, she eventually managed to feel freedom in her body and move forward in her own life..sharing her new found system and wisdom to the world!


CSV®  uses a 7 step framework that is applied to each pose allowing more space and freedom in the body without causing restrictions/compression.  CSV® uses cutting edge anatomy cues, and 'wave' like actions to arrive into poses that bring great results.

The benefits of practicing Core Strength Vinyasa ® can really help release stuck outer body tension, restore our deep primal core muscles, and release the negative grip of life.  This makes for an exceptional practice that can, over time, help transform how we move in our yoga poses AND how we move in everyday life!

CSV® builds support to the body from the inside out, with the pelvis viewed as the body's centre of gravity . Encouraging natural, primal movements using core integration and breath, we can enable the spine to move with ease and in a way we were born to move!   


There are many techniques used in CSV® such as; 'Belly Bonfire Breath' which helps support the muscles of the spine from the inside.  This energising effect enables a student to visualise their inner flame and rise up from a powerful place.  

We encourage a breath that isn't forced or restricting in any way and is used as a way to encourage the spine to come into it's own natural alignment without the need for manual adjusting.  All the alignment cues in CSV® are prepared in the travelling process, making it a feel more natural on the body to arrive to the final destination.

Our breath is connected to our inner space ( in Eastern cultures this breath or Life Force is referred to as Prana or Chi) and directed by so many physical and subtle processes.   In CSV® we use a natural and supportive breathing to encourage stability to the body and more of a free flow of breath and energy.  

There is no Ujjayi breathing in CSV® as our intention is to release the built up tensions and resistance that can cause our already tight body to 'grip'. Instead we use methods of breathing that encourage an opening and release of the vocal chords and use the most

Bio-optimised breath that supports the body from the inside out.  It works so incredibly well in this practice!


Lion's Breath is often used in a class to release tension and activate our deep core line (Myo-fascial Muscle Meridian).  Deep audible exhales where we stick out our tongue can feel quite liberating (if somewhat strange to do at the time!) This delivers a detoxification process, a nervous system response that brings amazing healthy qualities both inside and out!  Depending on our intention in a class, we can also 'let go' of the breath to allow to fully expand into the whole body and utilising every part of our breathing diaphragm. 


CSV® connects strongly to our fascial web  (connective tissue) that surrounds every part of our structure.  Another focus in CSV® is to connect with many of the deeper muscles that sit closest to the spine that support our whole body (Psoas and Quadratus Lumborum) and other important muscles that assist in our breathing to help travel into a pose more healthily and with more spaciousness and awareness. 

Our culture of 'over-achieving , over exercising , 'rushing/busy' as well as poor postural habits can bring all kinds of dis-ease to mind and body!   We are walking around with tight bodies, over active minds that diminish our true nature, our inner wisdom and we have totally lost touch with what it is to be human!  


Creating space along the front and back body is just one area of CSV® Yoga that can help improve these pressures, a well as building towards an understanding of how we can empower ourselves to bring balance in all other areas of our life, can be very enlightening.


Whether slow mindful yoga, Restorative, Yin or more challenging fitness based styles, CSV® can weave itself into every class to bring more support to the body.  


Students are encouraged to move their body mindfully through transitions that deliver core integration, better breathing, stronger bones and muscle BUT without causing pain,  over use or injury to the body.  No BODY is the same!  And so when i teach i encourage inclusivity and modifications where necessary.


Depending on each class, postures are choreographed into sequences that present themselves into a creative ,playful and self-expressive flow.  The energy in CSV ®is truly magical and using this method helps to re-connect, release stuck tissue, gain more strength, mobility and fluidity.  Flow means...we are in continual movement from one space to another with the breath.

My yoga is not about being able to sit in lotus or being able to achieve any complex shape.  For many Westerners this can be too challenging and may exasperate any existing tightness along the body AND worst of all..cause injury!!  Instead, encouraging a more natural movement pattern that mimics how we were born to move can be so refreshing!! And for students this can feel so spacious due to our linear and pressured lifestyle! 

As the ancient Yogis say - 'Sthira and Sukha'  Sanskrit for 'Steadiness and Ease'.   ALWAYS!


Are poses challenging in CSV®? 


There is NEVER any pressure to arrive in any shape, let alone for it to look anything like an Instagram shot!!

We focus less on perfection or trying to move a students body manually to fit into a pose. But more about the experience of each individual and what their own body allows them to do.  We chill out and have fun! It should NEVER be about competition or a performance or a certain look in a pose.  Whatever pose you arrive in is to be YOUR pose and you can take it to it's full expression OR you can opt for a shape that demonstrates your true awesomeness!

Your body - Your Yoga!  Leave the ego to someone else! By learning to listen to the body, bend our limbs to gain space, and requiring to break old habits, mindsets and stories that deplete our energy system...we can move freely and choose to walk a more spacious path.

I am a compete beginner to Yoga, is this style suitable for me?


CSV® is great for beginners because it is an inclusive and supportive practice.  You can begin your journey and enjoy all it's benefits from the outset.  All classes will state whether it's more suited for beginners or mixed or intermediate.  I don't tend to teach advanced poses.  But, as always go at your own pace, listen to your body and always get in contact with me if you have any concerns. 

I am a woman over this Yoga OK for me?

Absolutely YES!  In fact it's great for any woman (and man!!) of any age because it offers greater core integration of deeper muscles of the spine and pelvis, that can be the missing link in more traditional practices.  It's even more important as we age to look after ourselves because the body becomes less hydrated.   Moving healthily and in a non-competitive way that really helps to hydrate, nourish and re-energise our body can feel so incredible.  CSV® is an empowering practice with a focus on seeking our true awesomeness within.   


CSV® yoga can be me more forgiving on the joints than the more strenuous types of Vinyasa Yoga as everyone is encouraged to listen to their body, rest when needed and move in a more intuitive way, rather than trying to mimic a text-book anatomy picture of a yoga pose!


Pre and Post Menopausal women, especially if they have 'lost their mojo' and spark of life can REALLY benefit from this practice!

Do you use Sanskrit? (ancient yogic language)


There are many great teachers and resources out there who are fluent in Sanskrit if you wanted to learn more!   CSV® has some great non traditional and fun names for different poses such as "Breath of Freedom" and '"banana-asana".  I sometimes use traditional names too when I remember, but I am no expert in Sanskrit!


What's included in a class?


My classes often begin with a theme, Sankalpa (intention), and a journey to a central pose.   Each class fully prepares the body to arrive to a central aspect of the class.  Depending on type of class we add in many other embellishments along the way, whether it's meditation, pranayama etc, but always coming back to final relaxation to balance the body and seated reflection to seal and close our practice.


Each class aims to bring self-confidence, body awareness, space, freedom, integrity and, (depending on the type of class) increased cardiovascular/strength and range of movement. 

This is a powerful practice that encourages self-expression, empowerment and a positive mindset to align us for true transformation!


Open your mind to endless opportunities and explore your own inner Yogi.....X




 YOGA - CALM (coming soon)


Vinyasa Yoga Flow


Yoga Calm is more about slowing down a little. I use Myofascial release, a bit of flow and postures to restore health and vitality.  We pause a little and really tap into the Parasympathetic Nervous System (rest and digest) via techniques that bring calm to an 'over stressed' body.


These sessions are perfect for beginners, and those who need more attention to certain parts of their body, and who would benefit yoga at a slower pace.



  • Improved mobility and balance

  • Tissue hydration and release

  • Improves digestion

  • A calmer nervous system

  • Holistic focus

  • Improved mental health

  • Reduces stress

  • Tones muscles

  • Improves inner core strength

  • Improve lung function via breathing practices

  • Equilibrium to the whole body

  • Increased energy and vitality for longevity

  • Helps promote a good nights rest

These sessions are gentle to moderate in nature and slow paced.  You are encouraged to work to your own individual ability and pace.


These classes are ideal to compliment any style of Yoga or Exercise in the week. 

These classes are more active and build heat from the inside out.  We create energy around the body and transition into poses using spirals and wave like movements to activate the Deep Core Line of fascia.  Each pose moves from the ground up into a rhythmical and playful flow.  I use music to enhance the atmosphere.  Everyone works at their own pace!


  • Greater body awareness

  • Improved co-ordination and balance

  • Stronger and healthier posture, muscle, joints

  • Deeper connection to your deepest core layers

  • Improvement in lung function via breath awareness/practice

  • Improved mental health

  • Burns calories to help with weight management

  • Enhances focus and mindfulness (being present)

  • Releases stuck negative energy 

  • Improvement in body tone and shape

  • Compliments other Yoga styles and sporting activities

  • Greater proprioception (the body's ability to sense self-movement through body position)

  • Empowering and uplifting

  • Safer transitions that won't cause strain or pain!

These session are suitable for most healthy adults. Yoga and fitness experience is desirable, but not essential as postures can be adapted to cater for different body types and beginners. This type of class is perfect for those who like to express themselves a little and who enjoy an empowering flow.

Be prepared to sweat a little!

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