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Terms & Conditions

Class prices vary depending on time of day, type of class and location. Please contact me for more information.

1-1 Sessions

Initial consultation/information gathering session approx. 60 mins @

£30 (subject to location)


£45/hr (subject to location)

Discounts on block bookings.

Please contact for further information and/or to discuss your needs.

Disclaimer (online classes)

  • By participating in the classes you are doing so at your own risk and Kate Cassar will not be responsible or liable for any injury or harm you sustain as a result of your participation.

  • You must notify a GP/medical professional if you have a medical condition that could be made worse or affect your ability to perform exercise.  This includes high blood pressure, a bone or joint condition or a serious illness. Please follow advice and recommendations before you start any new exercise programme.

  • Stop exercising immediately if you feel chest pains, become dizzy or faint.

  • Clear all obstacles that can cause a hazard to you while exercising.

  • If you are pre/post natal please follow specific advice and guidelines from your health care professional as not all exercises are suitable.

  • Although some adaptations will be provided during the class, where necessary DO work within your own capability and consider your own fitness and skill level.

  •  Listen to your body and always rest when you need to.

  • New participants who attend classes will MUST complete a confidential Pre-Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PARQ) before they can participate in a class.  This short health form will be emailed to the participant, along with a Privacy Policy.  

  • PARQ's are updated each year and the participant must notify Kate Cassar of any changes to health status. 

  • BOOKINGS:  All payments for classes must be received within one week before the next class booking date.

  • Late payments will forfeit your space in class and could be offered to someone else. 

  • SICKNESS: If Kate Cassar is unable to take a class, she will notify you as soon as possible and you will be offered an alternative.

  • REFUNDS:  missed classes can only be given in an exceptional circumstances.

  • Face to face classes are term time only and run for 6 week blocks.  If a class week coincides with a half-term/seasonal holiday, then the class will 'carry over' to the next available week.  

  • For health and safety reasons and in the light of COVID-19, participants MUST provide their own mats and any other equipment needed for a Yoga or fitness class. This is to stop any risk of cross contamination.

  • COVID -19 symptoms:  Please DO NOT come to class if you display any Covid-19 symptoms or if you have had a positive test result.  If you have contracted Covid since your last visit to class, please notify me as soon as you are able to. 

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