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  • The Yoga Teachers Revolution® Training (CSV® Yoga Sadie Nardini)

  • 40 hrs MyoYin® (Yin yoga and Myofascial Release Training)

  • 40 hrs The Seven Core Cues (CSV® Anya Hawkes)

  • 40 hrs Restorative Yoga - Core Revolution (Anya Hawkes Master Trainer)

  • Yoga Diploma 350 hours via Group X Training - Jayne Nicholls

  • Fitness Yoga Certified

  • Anatomy & Physiology for Yoga 

  • Anatomy & Physiology for Exercise  

  • Fitness & Circuits Qualified

  • Exercise To Music Qualified

  • Step Instructor Certified

  • First Aid Qualified

  • IIHHT Holistic Massage Certified

Where it all began AND where i am now..

As a child I was constantly active, dancing, singing, running around outside on our family farm in Hampshire.  I would literally stay outside till the sun went down surrounded by fresh air and freedom.  I was incredibly lucky. 

Music and dancing were all around in our family. My mum and aunt were singers in their youth, and my Grandmother loved to dance too. Once or twice I caught my grandmother doing a Headstand.  Back then I had no idea what she was practicing. My Grandmother had a big impact on my life.  


At school I struggled, lacked confidence and always held myself back. But my escapism was expressing myself through moving and singing! I was a great short distance runner at school, but I was never encouraged or nurtured for my talent on the track, and so i pushed this aside.


From age 12 I belonged to an amateur stage group where we performed many shows singing and dancing all across the South coast of England, with one year going to Germany to perform. My mum would stay up late sewing my costumes tirelessly most nights! However, growing into an older teen brought new distractions such as going out, meeting up with friends and the peer pressure to look cool!


Later during my time at college I got involved in several local local rock bands singing in pubs! But nothing really developed, so when I left college I decided to turn to office work instead.  Although meeting many interesting people, work in an office environment left me feeling frustrated, restricted, bored and unfulfilled.  And....I was useless at it! 

I could not sit down all day or get my head around the fact that 'this was felt out of alignment and false!!   But it was a stop gap until I found what I was looking for!

My first experience of teaching was at the age of 23.

I was a regular participant in a local Step fitness class and was passionate about moving my body and listening to the cool tunes my teacher played. In the right place at the right time, AND from my overwhelming enthusiasm in class, I struck up a good friendship with the teacher.  She turned to me one evening and said ''Hey Kate, i'm going away for a couple of months abroad, would you like to cover my classes while I'm away''?  

I literally jumped at the chance....!  With no formal training (we are talking early 90's here) I was totally thrilled !


Within 24 hours she was handing me the keys to her large van, containing 20 step aerobic step blocks, fitness bands, mats and all her music (cassettes back then!) and a ghetto blaster!  I was so excited! Just sheer enthusiasm and adrenalin got me through each week. I somehow managed to pull it off and taught a load of classes for this whole 2 month period.  I was hooked! I loved how i felt and I enjoyed sharing my energy and passion with others! 

In 1996 I qualified as an Aerobics and Fitness instructor and landed my first full time job within a private health and fitness chain.  In between teaching classes and working the gym floor I discovered dancing again and got involved in Hip Hop Dance.  I was introduced to a fantastic mentor who coached me her authentic style and enabled me to find work in schools, youth settings and even participate in local arts and community events.  I performed in a mini dance troupe and we showcased our talents to the public.  These were such fun times!


I've run successful community circuit training classes, taught aerobics, Pilates, step, spinning Freestyle Fitness Yoga, body conditioning and have even dabbled with Martial Arts. There isn't much I haven't experimented with!.

I was also an Exercise Specialist at a large blue chip company in Canary Wharf in London.  Challenging role with high pressured deadlines.

When i started a family, life changed drastically and I moved out of London to bring up two small boys!  I decided to focus on my own well being and leave teaching for a while.

During this time i gained my Level 3 Yoga diploma in Freestyle Yoga.


Recovery from births and pregnancies meant my body had changed considerably and the usual fitness and Yoga i was practicing wasn't suiting my body anymore.  Rather than feeling rejuvenated, I felt tired with aches and pains.  I decided to explore the internet to see what else could spark my interest for self practice and nurture my changed body.  I stumbled across a rather crazy Yogi called Sadie Nardini.  Her style Core Strength Vinyasa® was electric, another level and I wanted to find out more about it.


Core Strength Vinyasa® has a real mix of everything that I enjoy.  In 2021 I completed my initial training in the CSV® method and have completely immersed myself towards this perspective on Yoga, enhancing  my life in so many amazing ways! Aches and pains have subsided and I now respect my body so much more than I ever used to.  


Since practicing this style my body moves more easily and with greater support. I love the freedom of movement and how intelligently this style can weave itself into everything I offer. 

As we age its important more than ever to find something that brings us to our true alignment, that nurtures us in some way.  I still enjoy challenging workouts, but the difference being is that now I have a greater understanding of what my body needs.  It's certainly not working out for competition or ego! Just to feel healthy, let go, nurture myself and feel strong! And, most definitely without burning myself out for the sake of social pressures to be a certain look in my body! Lumps, bumps and all!


I believe that this perspective on Yoga can be truly transformational for so many students...especially women of a certain age!


I am currently on a two year 300hr advanced teacher training diploma journey with Core Revolution, Anya Hawkes, Master Trainer to Sadie Nardinin Core strength Vinyasa Yoga®, here in the UK. 


When I teach I enjoy that connection with others. I want students to experience and feel what I feel when they practice and ignite their inner spark.


If you want to be part of my tribe you will be greeted with a warm welcome, fun, adventure and most importantly - time for you, to be exactly as you are already!

I look forward to meeting you soon. X


  • 25+ years experience of teaching 

  • Extensive exercise knowledge

  • A passion and energy to help others

  • A seeker of true human existence & Wisdom

  • A love of Yoga and movement.

  • An understanding of Holistic health and fitness

  • Great communicator, empathic and energetic

  • An understanding of different age groups and abilities


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