• Freestyle Yoga Level 3 Yoga Diploma (350 hours) Group X Training

  • Level 2 Fitness Instructor

  • Level 2 Circuits Instructor

  • Freestyle Fitness Yoga Certification 
  • ETM (Exercise To Music) Qualified

  • Step Instructor Certified

  • First Aid Qualified

  • IIHHT Certified massage therapist

  • Working towards my Teaching Revolution Cert. (Sadie Nardini CSV Yoga)


Movement, music, holistic health and fitness, with a fascination of how the body moves,  has been my passion for as long as I can remember! 


Over the last 25+ years I’ve experienced and taught a vast array of group fitness and dance styles.  I spent my 20's learning Hip Hop dance, and through mentorship, I embarked on teaching and performing to all ages.  I've dabbled in Martial Arts,  i've run successful community circuit training classes, taught aerobics, step, spinning and various body conditioning classes.  


Eventually after years of just instructing fitness and dance, I embarked on my first YTT in Freestyle Fitness Yoga in 2003 and then much later completed my Yoga Diploma.  All with Jayne Nicholls, Group X Training - Industry standard UK training in Yoga and Fitness.


I've been very fortunate to teach up and down the UK from health clubs, schools, dance studios, and even in the workplace.  Meeting interesting and diverse individuals along the way. 


My biggest experience was working for a well known corporate health and fitness chain as an Exercise Specialist in Canary Wharf, teaching group classes and carrying out fitness assessments and Personal Training.  

I have witnessed trends come and go, and i've been part of some  very fascinating fitness trends during the 90's and 00's.  Some great, others not so great!


I teach from the heart and I am passionate. If it is backed by science...I am all in!  I am enthusiastic and enjoy putting my own personal edge into everything I teach.


I have a good understanding of anatomy and physiology and basic biomechanics. Combine this understanding, experience of looking at bodies over the years, along with my individual flair for freedom of movement and creativity - I shine the most!

My other passion is music and as a hobby I like to listen to all styles of music, and i love singing and writing my own songs , playing guitar and and record these songs whenever time allows. 


As a busy mum of two energetic boys, I know full well how life can become so crazy! Juggling family and school, work, time, energy, and with all the pressures of our 21st century, it's not surprising that many of us crumble into a heap!! 

My own body has not been un-touched by these pressures of life and motherhood has quite literally been the hardest job I have ever had to undertake!!

Yoga teaches me to sit back, take stock and be thankful for each day. It literally reminds me that challenges are all a part of life and we just ride the wave as it shapes our unique path, eventually making us more resilient.  Yoga is my 'coping' mechanism when things literally go 'pear shaped'! 


My area of expertise is to provide engaging, fun and inspirational classes.  I want everyone to truly feel a connection to their body, to ignite their inner being to endless opportunity.

Through my own experience and knowledge, on and off the mat, I want to be able to guide students to find 'their own way' of moving, flowing, breathing and to reach that special place where they truly shine. 


Through a regular practice of Yoga we can greatly reduce stress,  improve our health, energy, fitness, mobility, sleep quality and start to make more healthy choices.   Our life becomes a little more balanced - rather than 'off-balanced'!


Practicing Yoga has definitely helped me gain a little control over my life not to mention clarity.  Like so many who practice  and teach Yoga - it is not a 'done deal' and it is quite literally a lifetime journey of self-discovery and learning about oneself.


By attending a class you will provide a 'space' in your life to be able to breathe, be part of a welcoming group, and over time be more in tune with your own body and notice vast improvements. This will radiate positive vibes out to your loved ones and the world.

Everyone who comes to my classes can expect a warm welcome, a sense of humour, and leave feeling exhilarated, challenged but, most of all - inclusive!

I welcome you to give it a try and join me towards a fitter, healthier future! You never know where the journey will take you...!



  • 25+ years experience

  • Extensive fitness background

  • A love for anatomy and movement

  • Years of experience teaching group classes and individuals

  • A serious passion to help others

  • A thirst for knowledge

  • A love of Yoga and sharing that passion.

  • Holistic health experience