• The Yoga Teachers Revolution® Training (CSV® Yoga Sadie Nardini)

  • 40 hrs Restorative Yoga - Core Revolution (Anya Hawkes Master Trainer)

  • Yoga Diploma 350 hours via Group X Training - Jayne Nicholls

  • Fitness Yoga Certified

  • Anatomy & Physiology for Yoga 

  • Anatomy & Physiology for Exercise  

  • Fitness & Circuits Qualified

  • Exercise To Music Qualified

  • Step Instructor Certified

  • First Aid Qualified

  • IIHHT Holistic Massage Certified


Movement, music, holistic health, fitness, AND a geeky fascination of how the body moves, has been my passion for as long as I can remember! 


Over the last 25 years I’ve experienced and taught a vast array of group fitness and dance styles.  I spent my 20's learning the art of Hip Hop dance, and through mentorship I studied alongside a well-known local dance artist who found me work performing in local events and teaching to under privileged children and schools. 

I've dabbled in Martial Arts,  i've run successful community circuit training classes, taught aerobics, step, spinning and various body conditioning classes.  There isn't much I haven't dabbled with!


Eventually after YEARS of just instructing fitness and dance, I needed something more gentle on my body that included all the skills and knowledge I had gained as a fitness teacher.


In 2003 I went on to complete my first industry based Yoga teacher training in Freestyle Fitness Yoga.  This eventually inspired  me to study further to gain my full 350 hours Yoga Diploma.  All with Jayne Nicholls, Group X Training - one of the leading experts in Group Fitness and her signature style Freestyle Fitness Yoga here in the UK. 


I've been very fortunate to teach up and down the UK from health clubs, schools, dance studios, and even in the corporate world.  Meeting interesting and diverse individuals along the way. 


I have worked in corporate health and fitness as an Exercise Specialist in Canary Wharf, teaching group classes and carrying out fitness assessments and Personal Training.  

I have witnessed some fascinating trends and fads come and go, over the years.  Some great, others not so great!  My first ever teaching role was in the early 90's.  I taught Step Aerobics at 23 years old..I had the BEST slouch socks ever!!


I teach from the heart, I am passionate and energetic.  If it is backed by the latest science...I am all in!  I am enthusiastic and enjoy creating my own personal edge into everything I teach.  I want students to 'feel' what I feel and I love delivering the VERY best and honest classes to ignite t passion, energy and freedom from the out-set.


I enjoy anatomy, physiology and the workings of Fascia, subtle energy and anything that connects mind and body through movement.


I am continually reading and learning via courses as much as i can to help me grow as a teacher, human being, and lead by example to help my own students experience health and vitality. My yoga is mainly Vinyasa and I move intuitively creating spaciousness and awareness of how the body moves through space and gravity - having a fascination of muscle meridians.

My other passion is music, singing and songwriting and playing my guitar.  This gives me a lot of pleasure and a chance to really engage in creativity. 


As a busy mum of two energetic boys, I know full well how life can become crazy. The pressures of juggling a family and work not to mention all the pressures of our 21st century.  I understand that finding that space of nurturing, honouring and staying connected to your body - is so essential for our health, fitness and wellbeing.

My own body has not been un-touched by these pressures of life and motherhood has quite literally been the hardest job I have ever had to undertake!!

Yoga gives me a little nudge now and of when to hold back and when to truly go for it.  To breathe and stay connected and grounded when things are in a turmoil is super important.  Yoga literally reminds me that challenges are all a part of our lives and just riding the wave, tapping into those Yogi skills when you need them most, really makes everything seem more tolerant.  Yoga is my 'coping' mechanism when things go 'pear shaped'! 


My area of expertise is to provide inspirational classes where everyone can truly feel at ease, discover their true connection and human potential of their body and mind, no matter what style of class they are participating in.  


Practicing Yoga has definitely helped me gain a little control and clarity over my life.  Like so many who practice and teach Yoga - it is not a 'done deal' and it is quite literally a lifetime journey of self-discovery and aligning to your inner true voice.


By attending a class will provide a 'space' to press the pause button, light yourself up from the inside out and be part of our welcoming tribe!!  This can open up to self-awareness, self acceptance and clarity. This will radiate positive vibes out to your loved ones and the world.

Everyone who comes to my classes can expect a warm welcome, a sense of humour, and leave feeling exhilarated, challenged BUT most of all - inclusive!

I welcome you to give it a try and join me towards a fitter, healthier, calmer and more spacious life! You never know where this journey will take you...!  X



  • 25+ years experience of teaching 

  • Extensive exercise knowledge

  • A passion and energy to help others

  • A seeker of knowledge

  • A love of Yoga and movement.

  • An understanding of Holistic health and fitness

  • Great communicator, empathic and energetic

  • An understanding of different age groups and abilities